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All summer, we just hurried,

so come over, just be patient and don't worry.

rosie posie
 dang. i feel awfully..

health/fitness: afitrose


"i have no doubt, one day, the sun will come out."

a long december, acai, al green, aqua & red, autumn, avril lavigne (let go), basketball season, believe in number city, ben stiller, black and white, bobby flay, boxers (the dog breed), bright colors, brontosauruses, cameras, cherry coke & whiskey, chinese food, chocolate, chuck taylors, claudio sanchez, closer, coheed & cambria, cold weather, coldplay, collages, counting crows, css, cupcakes, damien rice, denver harbor, disney, dodgeball (the movie), dogs, draenei, eyeliner, flowers, francis lawrence, frost mages, frozen, game of thrones, gary (spongebob's pet), gavin degraw, glittery eyeshadows, grey & pink, hand coding, hans zimmer, harry potter, high fidelity, holy/discipline priests, hot hot heat, html, iced blackberry tea, imac, in currents, iphone, jack johnson, jennifer lawrence, josh kelley, journaling, kawhi leonard, keane, kelly clarkson, kelly green, kissing, laughing really hard, let it go, like crazy, lip gloss, lipstick, lipton green teas, lomography, lord of the rings, love actually, luma, macbook pro, make up, mario kart double dash, mark romanek., mint tea, minus the bear, modest mouse, moth orchids, motion city soundtrack, mumford & sons, my dog ruby, my ipod, nars, nature, new york knicks, night elves, nintendo rosalina, of mice and men, onerepublic, origins pinch your cheeks, pens, pepsi twist, pink, pink & green, plumb, polaroids, polka dots, pulp, putting lime on everything, rainer maria, ralph lauren blue, recovering the satellites, rhinos, roses, san antonio spurs!, scarves, sex and the city, shadow labyrinth, sigur ros, snow patrol, spongebob squarepants, spring, stripes, stylesheets, taking photos, teeeexas, tell me why, terrance & phillip, text messages, the early november, the where's gary episode, tim duncan, toadette & paratroopa, tony parker, trees, tyler florence, undead, urban decay, warcraft lore, winter, winterspring frostsaber, wooby!, world of warcraft, yoshi's island